lørdag 31. desember 2016

Another year of cosplay documented - 2016 is over

Every year I write a sum up of what I have made and experienced through that year. This is mostly for myself, as a diary, because after a while it is not always as easy to remember which year I made what costume.
What a year!

Lady Sif
Photo and edit by JL Cosplay Photo

Fallout upgrade 
This is not a totally new cosplay, but I ended up creating a whole new look with the shaved head so I still think it deserved a spot on my "highlights of the year". 

Alice Misstiched dress

Photo and edit by Katrix Media Site. Bettcanard as the Forrest God

Aria T'Loak
Photo and edit by Conwant Cosplay Photography

Maggie Greene from The Walking Dead

I was part of a The Walking Dead Cosplay Group. Hope we will gather again, because I want to upgrade this cosplay.

Our group with Ingridbeast, Heresetai and Weaslette 

Bombshell Wonder Woman

Elizabeth from Bioshock (update)
Again an old cosplay that I gave new life this year. 

Arachnee: Queen of Spiders
This years Halloween costume

I have also made a nice selection of closet cosplays this year.
Awoken hunter

Power Puff Girls

Princess Mononoke


Game developer Barbie
Photo by Ice of Tin

Tribal Warrior

Emily Kaldwin

Ice Queen

Dolores from Westworld
I might have to make her entire outfit (the blue dress) one day ^_^ 

Other happenings in 2016I have done a few other things that I want to highlight as well.

Easter eggs
Every year I make several Easter Eggs to give out on my facebook page.

I have also written and published my very first book about cosplay and I really hope I get the chance to write one more. 


  • Qualified to NCC - so much focus on that in 2017
  • I was a guest at both Advik and Geekcore
  • Visited the childrens ward at Rikshospitalet
  • I made a Birthday sword
  • I was on the NO/DK team for Overwatch all stars
  • And I got to be a mentor for a student <3

tirsdag 27. desember 2016

Game Developer Barbie

I loved playing with Barbie dolls as a kid, and I was encouraged to design and sew my own clothes for the dolls, making them everything from princesses to jungle and underwater explorers (we had a huge garden). 

I also love that Barbie is now a game developer. Both the style and "life style" of this dolls matches me irl pretty good. So closet cosplay it is. 
Photo Mattel.com

I even got photographer Ice of Tin to shoot some laidback cafe photos. 

søndag 11. desember 2016

Ice Queen

When you have a lot of leftover Polymorph you need to make up new projects, or I do at least. So I though why not make a glowing Ice crown. The Polymorph was sculpted around LEDs to make it glow :)

And since I now have a crown, why not make an entire Ice Queen costume. I have a feeling I have named a lot of my OC characters something Queen, that seems to be my style ;)