søndag 30. oktober 2016

Arachne: Queen of Spiders

This years Halloween costume was inspired from spiders and evil Queens. 

I wanted eight eyes for my costume, that meant a little sculpting. I already had a face cast of myself (gift from my sister) and I used Monster Clay to sculpt the overall shape and details and resin eyes for the eyes.

Then I cased the sculpt in plaster. After it was cleaned out I poured gelatin into it. 

Gelatin mix is one part gelatin powder, 1 part glycerin and 1 part 50/50 honey and warm water. 

My raw cast

Then came painting. I base painted it with PAX (50/50 pros aide and acrylic paint) This way I can continue using acrylic paint for detailing with out it chipping off. 

Video tutorial for the makeup 

The crown is made from left over worbla pieces. The web is hot glue. The crown is attached to my head with the help of a plastic headband.

Since I already had sewn a corset for my Diablo wizard costume, but hadn't finish it, I figured I could modify it a little for Halloween. The spiders are from a novelty shop and is just sewed on temporarily. 

Back Jewelry
This piece of jewelry is also made from left over worbla pieces and a few extra cheap gems. 

And of course I need a suitable purse for this costume as well. And I went for something that looks like a spider egg sack. It is made by gluing Styrofoam balls together and cover them with white chiffon dipped in glue and water. 

Final look