fredag 29. juni 2012

Skyrim Cosplay - Steel Battleaxe in progress

I wanted a big weapon for desucon. Therefore I made a Steel battle Axe. I scaled it down a bit so I could get it inside Desucon, because this is a huge weapon.

The blade is made from cardboard.

Skyrim batlle axe
The shaft is made from plain pine rod from local hardware shop. It will show a beautiful wood pattern when painted. 

Another layer of cardboard with foam mat in between. I also used cardboard for the axe edge (not shown on the picture)

 All edges were filled with paper clay which were sanded down, filled up with filler and sanded down again. This took a while, so jumping ahead. It is important to not lose hope at this stage, it will look better. 

After sanding (I recommend a sanding machine) the blade was primed and painted silver. The rod for the handle was painted warm brown using basic acrylic paint. Strips of Skai (faux leather) was nailed to the handle following the pattern from my trace, using furniture nail from Jula.

The end piece is the top of a metal shaker (so I could lean it on the floor without it breaking)

The blade is nailed to the shaft. By using cardboard and filler you will have a very very brittle base. Therefore it won't survive ruff handling. 

Weathering, you may have seen this at my previous posts, all details are painted by hand using my vector axe for reference.

 Full size axe

Bloody deatails

Axe in use
Photo: H. Nyhus 

So, next up - Iron Armor
Other parts

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