fredag 9. november 2012

Eleanor Lamb - Bioshock 2 Cosplay

Since I already have the helmet and most of the suit I figured that I could make another Bioshock 2 cosplay in the form of Eleanor Lamb.


And my result
Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

Photo and editing: Henrik Møller

Photo and editing: Annah Lång

The upgrader from Big Sister is the body suit, which is simply a white long tshirt and thights sewn together with a zipper added to the front. other details are sewn or painted on using a reference picture. The helmet is also improved. Better padding and bolts on the lower part and new green leds. The red ones are still there in case I want to go for Big Sister again. See this post for how I made these parts:

  • The helmet
  • Lower part of the helmet
  • Corset and shorts
  • Other part: boots, leg armor, tank
  • Adam Syringe

  • And yes, It is now possible to take off the helmet without taking off the lower part - so I can get some air sometimes.  

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