tirsdag 5. november 2013

Morrigan corset

The next thing I knew how to make was the corset - math makes everything easier. Check out how the dress was made here and how the Feather Brooch was made here.

So I used an old pattern and modifyed it. It was originally made from using this tutorial on underbust corset pattern making.

Pieces drawn up on faux black leather. 

Sewn together. "pockets" are made by each seam to make room for the boning. For boning this time I used several different stuff: electrical wire for narrow pockets, el strips for normal pockets and the metal from the hem of a spare crioline for the long parts. 

Folded in half so I can trim the upperside. 

And add ribbon along the edge. 

Same procedure for the lower part. 

Adding the ribbon along the edge. 

On the bust. 

How to add grommets
Make a hole, I only had my awl awailable, but there are easier ways. I have even used a puncher to make holes preveously. 

Put in part A (which goes on the outside of the fabric)

Add part B (the ring) on the inside of the fabric.

Put the part that forces the two pieces together and use the hammer.

And now: details! Bring in the studs. I have here used dome shaped rivets. These are bought at Amazone.uk 

"one rivet, two rivet, hundreds of rivets!"

And a little lace, This kind is called Venice Lace. 

Test fit
(Still not so good at smiling when taking selfies)

And last the belt. 

And on the back

Lace it up and we are ready for ball

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