onsdag 8. januar 2014

Morrigan Dragon Age Inquisition

Finally I got the photoshoot done, we found a fort in Oslo (Akershus festning) And a really nice whiskey bar (The Dubliner). Photoshoot was done together with Karin Olava Effect. And check out Chrix Design on facebook for more cosplay randomness.

Documentation of the making of the costume you can find here. And everything was made in two weeks, that's a personal record.

And if you want to know how Karin Olava made her armor, check out her tumblr
Hanging out at a Tavern

"Are you coming Morrigan?" - "But the magic is so pretty!"

Secret pocket for cold hands

Open that door already!

Searching dungeons

Morrigan approves of Dragon Age Inquisition. Happy face :)
And even though her shoes doesn't show I finished the look with my Bunad shoes

5 kommentarer:

  1. You were the amazing people who were at GAMEX last year! So cool! I'm so happy I was able to say hi and get an autograph! :) The armour and the dress still look amazing!
    I wish I was able to do things like this, but... I spent my talent points on other skills.

    1. Yes, we were at GAMEX last year (and the year before that in Mass Effect costumes) It was so much fun signing autographs, the best part was that I could talk about Dragon Age and Mass Effect with sooo many awesome people. I really hope I get the chance to do something like that again, and I really want to come back to GAMEX this year too.

    2. Like Chrix said, yes, that was us ^^
      It was so much fun getting to talk about my favorite games with people who share the same passion as me. I hope we will be able to attend Gamex this year too!

  2. You are sooo pretty, good grief! (And the costumes are fan-freaking-tastic!)