fredag 2. mai 2014

Adjutant Chest Armor

Of course I had to choose another cosplay with incomplete reference photos. And a character without arms or legs, hmm interesting. 

The StarCraft Adjutant Cosplay has been done before, in the style of a ball gown, I on the other hand want to make it more like a space armor cocktail dress ;)

Starting off with the chest plate. First off I will be making Second Great War Adjutant and not Adjutant 23-46, but I will use it as inspiration for the parts I cannot see on my reference photo. 

Chest armor and Worbla
For the front I needed boob cups, so I shaped the worbla over a plastic sphere (my codex staff to be exact)

And pieced together. Since worbla is a little difficult to get hold of here, I am only using one layer to make it last longer. And I do regret that somethimes, when it gets too wobbly. I also didn't have a pattern, but tried and reshaped it all the way. 

Adding details

The back
You can't really see the back, so I designed it as a space armor using reference photos from other space suits from the game. So in theory this is my original design. 

And using pizza boxes a supporting material to the worbla.

One idea I had was that you could attach the cables coming out of my head to my back, so I used the screw mechanism from a jar, with the lid attached to the back. This makes more sense when the head is finished. 

Used tulle for details

And Lights. For once I can actually take out the batteries. 

Vents on the back - Robots need cooling. 

Adding a few more details. 

Then you need to prime it with Gesso. I like to use a mix of wood glue and gesso during the final layers. 

Then I spray painted it with a silver base color. 

Black weathering and black details. 

The bar code is hand painted. The LED is 3 mm orange. 

Screws were added to get a more mechanical look. 

The threads from a can lid was added to the back construction, so I could screw the tubes from the head piece into the the back piece. 

You can find the other adjutant tutorials here: 

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  1. I love all of your progress posts! Thanks for letting us know how you make such amazing cosplays!!

  2. These are great. Can you tell us approximately how many sheets of Worbla the head piece and chest piece took?

    1. For the bakc, chest and headpiece I thin k I used about one and a half medium sized sheet (sized used at I only used one layer of worbla, so saved a bit on that :)