søndag 14. desember 2014

Automatic crossbow - Demon Hunter

For my stage show I needed something with a "WOW factor", and an automatic crossbow would be amazing.
Photo: Blizzard.com

You can see the crossbow in the cinematic trailer, at about 2:20

But to be able to make it open automatic at stage I needed a spring mechanism. This cheap umbrella open automatically when the release button is pressed. Hmm, I can definitely use this. 

Because of the mechanism I had to redesign the prop, so it could move freely along the axis. That means that the awesome horns that swirl around the extended " arms must be tweaked.

Let's go! I started by stripping the umbrella and adding cardboard details as a skeleton and a little foam to build up the form. After every bit I added I tested to see if it could still be opened and closed.  

Thin foam strips (2 mm) were added to created the ornamented details. 

YES! I can still close it. 

To keep it lightweight and cheap I used cardboard to create the scales of the horns. 

The only part of the bow where I have used worbla is the skull face on front, since the form was so organic. The worbla sheet was sculpted by hand to get the shape I wanted. 

More movement tests

Then I need to slap some paint on it and add a few LED ;)

In the end the prop turned out great :D And if you want to see it in action, here is a youtube video of the spring effect. 

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  1. I've been trying to replicate this, and the wire circles that holds the spires together keep breaking, mainly the one at the top. any suggestions or tips on how to keep the mechanism from breaking? how long did yours last?

    1. Hmm, mine still works. The first time I tried to make it I was not careful when gathering the wires and a few broke. So I bought a new and gathered then very carefully. But once they were gathered I didn't have a proble with them breaking. Tips: maybe buy a sturdier umbrella...? or reenforce the rings that break before you gather the wires :)