onsdag 29. juli 2015

War Boy from Mad Max - Slit Cosplay

This is the most fun I have had in a cosplay for ages, so much running around in character. Proves that a cool cosplay doesn't take ages to build or an extreme budget to complete. We were a group cosplaying different war boys from Mad Mad Fury Road including one of the wives - Capable.

So how did I do it. 
I wanted to go all male on this, including chest binder and stuffing my boxer shorts. I made a plain, dirty shirt and used my Fallout pants. 

Immortan Joe emblem
I went for worbla and chains (although my friend Stickweeds crafting and cosplay is currently working on making me one in metal).

No secret that the makeup is the essential part of this costume. I put on a bald cap, added sculpt gel to my cheeks and mouth (all though I forgot to seal it so it fell off a bit during the day). I also cast tumors out of latex and glued to my neck and ears as the war boys are a bit diseased. I had a small accident when putting on my bald cap, it tore :( But as slit has a lot of scars and stitches I patched it right up.  

Photo by Håvard Nyhus  

Photo by Håvard Nyhus 

Shiny and Chrome
One cannot go to Valhalla without chrome spray. We bought silver cake spray and covered the bottles with silver tape. 

The result <3
Photo by Danarki 

Photo by Rojano Photo 

Photo by Håvard Nyhus 

Photo by Rojano Photo

Photo by Håvard Nyhus  

Photo by Håvard Nyhus 

Also goofing around. 
Photo by Håvard Nyhus 

Capable cosplay by Martini's workshop

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