søndag 2. august 2015

Little Sister ADAM Syringe

Several people have built this amazing prop, so there are more than one tutorial on the internet. My approach will be to use Worbla leftovers and a fuel nozzle. 

I bought a vintage fuel Nozzle at etsy which I cleaned and trimmed down. 

After this I needed to make the back part of the nozzle, the transition over to the ADAM bottle and the needle. 

For the back part I simply added paper clay to the pump and shaped it as a dome. When dry I covered it with worbla. It ended up looking like this. 

For the ADAM bottle I cleaned out a soap bottle like this. By embedding the top to the main body of the syringe I can then unscrew the bottle if needed, eg. to change batteries. 

Which I dyed red using glass paint. This way it would be translucent, but light weight. Later I changed my mind and filled it half way with fluid either way. More authentic feel to it. 

The cork I embedded in worbla and shaped to the top of the fuel pump. 

Lastly the needle was made from a cut out of a PVC pipe and a thin wood rod. The wood rod is held in place within the PVC pipe using more worbla leftovers. 

Assembly test. All parts were glued to the fuel pump using two part epoxy glue. 

I also used worbla leftovers to make part of the baby bottle. 

Since I now wanted to fill the bottle with liquid and have a light in it I had to seal off the bottle while making room for the electronics at the same time. This I used poly morph for. I heated up and shaped a small dome inside the bottle. Then trimmed it down and sealed it with epoxy glue. 

First light test. 

More photos will come when I finish up the rest of the costume :)

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