onsdag 9. november 2016

Aria T'Loak Cosplay

I'm the boss, CEO, queen if you are feeling dramatic...

It is no secret that I love Mass Effect and I actually started on this Aria cosplay back in 2012, but never finished... Until now. 

Head piece
I had made a new cast for an Asari headpieces in April 2015 and had only to cast up and paint another for Aria. Here's the tutorial for how to make the latex head piece: Sculpting, molding and casting

The new head piece was base painted with PAX (a 50/50 mix of Pros aide glue and acrylic paint) and detailed and weathered with more acrylic paint. 

The makeup

I don't have the best photos of making the jacket, but here are a few work in progress photos and some photos of what it looked like in the end.

The finished jacket

I had found this amazing sci-fi inspired fabric a while ago at Stoff og Stil. I made a pattern tracing an exciting top mixed with tracing a swim suit. 

I sewed in an old bra to get the shape I wanted for the top half of the body suit.

The buckles were lasercut from plywood.

Aria shows a lot of purple skin, and I really don't want to paint my stomach. So with a flexible purple fabric I sewed an under suit and painted it to match Arias skin tone.

And speaking of skin tone. If you have ever painted your hands for cosplay you know it is a pain to touch anything, to wash your hands and the color will come off. So I made gloves matching aria skin color. I outlined my hands and sewed the gloved, then added fake nail and nail polish.

Bah, they look creepy like this. 

It is also important to shade the gloved (purple ones), gives a more realistic look. 

Again started with making a pattern and measuring my thighs. They are even lined with hidden pockets for my phone and money :D

And a few more photos of the finished costume.
Photo by JL Cosplay Studio assistants Katrix Media Site and Reflective Photography

Photo by Conwant Cosplay Photography. From left: Tonje as Asari Commando, me as Aria, Karin Olava as Peebee and Mette Stigen as Liara 

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