onsdag 1. februar 2017

Cosplay on a budget: January

I found this challenge on facebook and wanted to try it out.

Not sure if I will make all 12 cosplays, but I at least want to start with January, which is make a Disney character. Since my budget is 100 NOK, I know I can't buy a new wig. I really want to make Belle, but that won't be possible this time. 

In the end I settled on Snow White, mostly because I love her make up and I really want to make those sleeves. And I have several black wigs. 

I also have a bunch of leftover material that could work for the bodice and sleeves, only think I need to buy is yellow fabric for her skirt. This is still a challenge, because fabric in Norway is expensive and I need enough for a full skirt. 

For the bodice I modified a pattern I already had which involved a lot of darts. 

Back when I made my Elizabeth (Bioshock) cosplay I bough twice as much fabric as needed. So that will be my base. 

Step one for the bodice is done. 

Here I found a lot of scrap material to work with. Yeay, left overs.

I found a tutorial for these kind of sleeves on Pinterest. It was a little more difficult than I thought, but ended up looking alright. 

Merging sleeves with bodice

Test. I also added plastic boning to the bodice to make it keep it's shape a little better. 

Since I have both time and some extra bling laying around I wanted to upgrade the bodice. First a golden trim.

And I have bought this trim to use for applique for another project, but I won't need it all.  

I even used a embroidery foot to attach the appliques :)

And lastly I added a few rhinestones (from my Red dress)

In the original design Snow White has a high stand collar, but I didn't have any material for such a collar at hand (and no more budget). So I ended up with two smaller pieces over each shoulder. Base is foam which is covered in lace. 

More rhinestones!

I cheated a bit, 100 NOK would with me two meters, but I bought an extra meter just in case. Challenge or not, I still want to make a costume I am proud of and I wanted a fuller skirt ;)

Three wedges are sewn together. 

For the hem I used a twin needle.

Wig and Makeup
The wig kinda decided which costume I could make in this challenge, because you won't get a new wig for 100 NOK. And since I had a nice black wig from Arda. For the makeup I follow the makeup tutorial from Emma Pickles.

And lastly here are the photos from my first photoshoot

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  1. This is really inspiring and lovely! I love this kind of cosplay challenges and your Snow White is amazing. I adore all those little details that you added to it!

    Seeing this makes me want to participate too... x)

    ☆ Shiro Samurai's Cosplay Blog ☆

    1. Yes, you should join. The Theme for February is DC characters