mandag 8. juli 2013

Sea Goddess - Commander of Kraken

I just created my first full on original character with prosthetic appliances and all. And to show it off I entered the cosplay competition at Desucon which was also open for OC (Original Characters) and would you believe it, they liked it so much I won third place. Not bad for my first design. 

This is my original concept, drawing by me and the result, Photo by Nils Katla Photography 

Background for my character. Her name is Bala, Goddess of the sea. At her command is the sea beast Kraken, a giant squid. She is a creature full of joy, playfulness and vengeance doing what she likes within her domain. She resembles folklore mermaids with aquatic features (eg. fins, gills and tentacles in her hair)

On stage I quickly explained how some of the parts om the makeup was made and got good response when telling that "all my suckers are cheerios", because that is actually what I used. 

Here are some more shoots of my finished costume. 

 Photo by Nils Katla Photography 

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