onsdag 11. september 2013

Aeronaut cosplay finalized

For one and a half years ago I was very new to the concept of steampunk and designed an aeronaut pilot concept. Then I got carried away with making complicated costumes, Big sister, Liara, Vi.. And my simple steampunk outfit was placed on hold. 

But I recently was invited to join a steampunk group at Alcon, and used this opportunity to actually finish my design, with a few modifications to make it a little more pin up. 

My original concept. 

And I even found some other steampunk Engineer girls to make my day complete. These wonderful costumes are made by Charlotte Foureaux and Martine Wachelin Ugeland.
We can do it! Photo by: Pål Andresen and Editing by: ChrixDesign

First round, ding! Pål Andresen and Editing by: ChrixDesign

 Working class girls. Photo by: Pål Andresen and Editing by: ChrixDesign

Come fly with me...

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