tirsdag 10. september 2013

Lilith Tattoos

Lilith has wonderful light blue tattoos on the left side of her body. It is hard to make them screen accurate, but with enough reference photos I think I managed pretty well. 

Liliths' left arm reference photo. 

And I was lucky enough to find this photo on tumblr. It is actually  Commandant Steele's tattoo, but the arm is identic to Lilith. 
Photo found on tumblr

The makeup

A while ago I bought water based Snazaroo body makeup in pale blue. Just add water and use a brush to apply. 

Testing the makeup. 
When using water-based paint it is important to not use a thick layer, as it will crack. And as with all body paint remember to seal it. I use fixing spray, but I met other Sirens at Alcon who had sealed their makeup with only hairspray. 

And the result

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