onsdag 9. april 2014

Big Sister outfit sum up.

This is not a tutorial per say, more a showcase of the parts used for my Big Sister and Eleanor Lamb cosplay.  

Some of the part like the helmet have been covered before. And I recently did a write up about the ADAM Syringe and corset/pant

But mostly for me and a little for you I want to sum up the other parts as well. 

The undersuit.
Both the Big Sisters and Eleanor wear a white undersuit, but you can see much more of the detailing when Eleanor wears it. I simply sewed one pair of white leggings to a white long sleeved t-shirt around the torso. Then I sewed on a zipper down the front before cutting it open. 

The details are just painted on. First I weathered it by bathing it in tea water, do get that worn look. Then I managed to get my sister to wear it while I painted on the details with acrylic paint. 

Leg armor
More buckles and faux leather. 

Cardboard from pizzaboxes covered in filler. For detailing I used a nylon rope. 

The armor stands out from the thigh or calf. 

And the calves, same but smaller. 

Rust details. 

The shoes

The tip is just part of a soda bottle painted brass. 

Shoulder amor
Paper mache over balloons ;) Mix water and glue and dip strips of newspaper. cover the balloons and you have some nice half spheres.  

When dry, cover with plaster and sand down. 

The pauldrons were painted and here are allthe parts together.  
Photo: Aslak Sødal

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