søndag 20. april 2014

More easter eggs - Zerg Egg from Starcraft 2

This blog started with an Easter egg a couple of years ago, and I will keep up the tradition in 2014.

The concept is: Find a cheap generic Easter egg and transform it. Earlier years I have made portal turret, starcraft pylon and GoT Dragon Egg

This time I'm making two, including a zerg egg from Starcraft 2.

Start with a plain Easter egg

Then with the help of tin foil and masking tape make the legs and rough details

With my trusted paper clay I made several different sized spikes

And with more paper clay I built up the details and attached the spikes.

The last details were made with just a glue gun. Then the egg was primed. I used Gesso and glue, to even out the roughness of my sculpting. 

Then I of course forgot to take pictures during the painting process. Green base coat and with a sponge I added lighter greens. 

For the "legs" brown base coat with purple highlights. 

And the spikes are beige with yellow tips. 

To get that nasty glossy look I covered it with two layers of glossy paint .

And I also made a Togepi egg for my sister. 

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  1. Jeg bøyer meg i støvet av imponade!

  2. Epic ! Thanks for making this awesome blog !

    1. Thank you, I have so much fun making these tutorials and random posts :)