tirsdag 12. august 2014

Cardboard props - Dragon horns

I still think cosplay shouldn't be overly expensive and I love challenges. That is why I often use cardboard and other cheap materials for my work. 

This time I made a new pair of dragon horns, I did another pair for a demon last year, tutorial here. But the method this time was a little different. But still very simple. 

I started of by creating the shape using tin foil.

For the scaling effect I just tore long strips of newspaper and glued them on layer by layer starting at the tips. Only a glue gun was used at this stage. 

Here you can better see the "scaling" effect from the paper strips. 

The horns were painted a black base color (gesso). Remember to paint under the scales as well, this will also lift the scales a bit upward. 

Then we have a brown base color. 

And every scale was first shaded with a darker brown and then every tip got dry brushed with gold paint. 

The first time I used them I attached them to a head band, but the next time I attached a single hair clip to each one (crocodile clip) so they could be attached to the wig as I pleased with out having to conceal the headband. 

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, interesting and seems easy/cheap enough to do on a budget! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, Is it important for the paint to be (gesso)? Whatever that means?

    1. Not important at all. But you should base paint :) acrylic paint works as well