mandag 11. august 2014

Cheap cosplay - use cardboard as your material

In an earlier post I wrote a bit about how to plan your costumes and which materials to use, but I want to add this post as a sum up of most cardboard based costumes I have made. 

I love to use cardboard and other trash as building material, and you get a way more interesting story when people ask: "What is is made of?" And you can answer: "You know, what ever I had that day, pizzaboxes and a soda can..."

So even though you will not get the most resilient costumes, this is a handy way to get some cheap costumes. 

Splicer masks are very popular, here is a way to make those. 

And for Genki I made a "dragon scale" chest armor.  
An elvish pauldron is never wrong, here is a way to use fabric to cover up the cardboard. 

Even helmets can be made out of cardboard and other bits, here is Dovahkiin iron helmet from Skyrim

To make more organic forms paper clay can be your solution. This clay air dries and can be painted sanded and carved when dry. I buy mine from Clas Ohlson
And with this clay you can make staffs like these:

Sea Goddess - Kraken staff

Death elf - Skull staff

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  1. So friggin' cool stuff!! You are such an inspiration! :D

  2. You are AWESOME!! thanks for that inspiration ! ^-^