tirsdag 28. oktober 2014

Demon Hunter - Leg armor

So many armor parts and so many techniques to use. Love this project, I have learned buckets. Here I will show how the thigh, leg and shoe armor was made. 

And I tried a few thing I have never tried before too, like curved shapes with cardboard base covered in worbla. In this tutorial I don't explain how worbla works, only how I have used it. 

Blizzard Demon Hunter concept art

Thigh armor. 
Since these pieces are single curved I thought I could use cardboard as a supporting core for the worbla, which worked great. I also alsmost always only use one layer of worbla. 

Some detail pieces were more curved, here I used foam (2 mm) as a core

Detailig done with thin strips of worbla

Leg bracer
This piece was way more curvy, so foam core all the way. 

I tried two methods here, the first where I used two seperate pieces attached with a seamline goind down the middle, and this (see picture below) where I used one piece and streched it over an acrylic sphere. 

All the pieces attached together and detailed with worbla strips.  

The knees are made from separate foam pieces covered in worbla.  

D-rings are added along the sides to attach the armor to my legs. More about the painting in a later tutorial.   

Shoe armor
Shoe covers need to be flexible, and form fitting to the shoes :)

Many armor makers forget to address the back of the shoes. Even though I have no idea what the look like from behind, I will make something interesting. 

See how the chest peice was made here. And a painting tutorial here (when it is done)

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  1. I´m a big fan of your cosplays :)
    I love how you´re detailing everything but i have only question:
    Where do you buy the worbla
    It would be nice if you´re answering :D

    1. Since I live in Norway, I buy my worbla from Coscraft.co.uk. Depending on where you live, you might get better shipping rates from a retailer more local to you :)

    2. And thank you for loving and noticing all my little details ^_^

  2. greetings from Serbia!!! Im a big fan of your cosplays and diablo 3,I would appeciate it if you posted patterns for these cosplays.... Thanks though bye

    1. Hi, thanks for liking my cosplay :D unfortunately I don't have any of these patterns anymore :/