torsdag 30. oktober 2014

Demon Hunter shield and Bracer

Since I did take some in progress photos I might just add a write up of this piece also. For the smooth surfaces I used cardboard as a base, with foam details in layers. The end piece is only foam. 

I wanted arrows to stick out of my shield, but to be able to pack and transport the costume I need to be able to take them off. For this I embedded M5 nuts into the cardboard and secured with worbla, while the corresponding bolt where attached to the arrows (You'll see later)

Then I gradually covered the top with worbla (only the top) and wrapped it around the edges. 

Since I was going to cover up the underside with fabric anyways I thought I would save a little by only using worbla on one side. The ornamented back piece would not be covered with fabric, so I tried to blend the surface using paper mache again, and it worked beautifully. 

I also made a bracer and a claw for the other arm. 

Again, painting will be covered in a seperate tutorial. 

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