mandag 30. oktober 2017

This is Halloween

I love fall and Halloween, all the colors and creepy creative. And every year I make a few looks inspired by this season. Here you can see some of my earlier tutorials, eg how to make a zombie makeup.

For this season I give you fist a cute look with the witch Mercy (closet cosplay)

And another closet cosplay Emily from Corpse Bride

I also visited the children's ward again as a Spider Queen (updated version)
Photo by and

And here's the full group of cosplayers, with Nordic garrison in strong numbers. 

And while in the middle of taking off the makeup I realized this could be a great look with a bald cap too - Spider Alien. 

I also hosted my own Halloween party this year (I never get the time to do so) And created this clown inspired look. 

All of NCC team Norway 2017 represent, me, Superhero Girl Creations and Bettcanard. 

And as a tradition I made a new purse for my costume, to match my freak show spirit of the night. 

And decorated my house for a Halloween party

Lastly there was a Halloween part at the office at work and my darling sister Bettcanard casted a third eye for me and I created this Fortune teller look.

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