mandag 11. desember 2017

Mei Gun

For my latest Sombra cosplay performance I needed to make Mei's Gun from Overwatch. As it was just going to be used on stage I did not have to spend ages making it perfect, only recognizable. 

Since Blizzard are being really cool and have published reference kits, getting blueprint for the gun was quite a breeze. I just scaled this picture to fit my hand. 

The build itself was based around using what I already had, cardboard tubes, bottle caps, and foam. The foam was carved using the scaled blue print as a guide. See Kamuis videos for a more detailed guide. 

To bring the gun to life I added paint, weathering and some warning stickers. 

And since I now know how to make mini smoke machines I really wanted the gun to emit "frost smoke".  I followed Valkyrie Studios tutorial while making the smoke machine. 

The final result
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