søndag 31. desember 2017

Sombra Gloves

These gloves are some of the most difficult ones I made 

Again I used the custom printed ombre fabric, the blue part this time. 

The inner gloves were sewn with a double row of narrow zig zag. 

The outer glowed were a bit more difficult to make. I made the pattern tracing an excising pair of gloves. 

I used the same black thin faux leather as the applique sewn to the leggings. 

I needed to do a lot of hand sewing for such small details. Took forever. 

Then together. 

The punk details are made from the same pink silicone as used for the head tech. 

A small light was added to the base of the pink details. 

The nails are simple fake nails glued on with epoxy glue. The silver parts above them are made from worbla. The silver parts on the knuckles are resin casts. 

Photo by Cosplay.studio

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