tirsdag 19. desember 2017

Merry Christmas ya' filthy animal

Every year my work host a Christmas inspired Pub Crawl, this year I teamed up with my brother and we went as the Wet bandits from Home Alone, he being the taller one as Marv and I went as Harry. Other years I have been the Grinch, an ice Queen and a deer

I made the burned hat by stretching craft foam over a styrofoam head to shape it. Then it was covered in flesh tones stretch jersey. Black Stretch jersey were rolled and glued around to create the rests of the burned hat. To get the burns them self I added patched of wood glue to get some texture. And everything was topped off with white feathers. 

The inside of the hat.

The jacket was from the thrift store and I sewed on a bunch of feathers. And to top off the costume I made a faux crow bar from a pvc pipe. This was shaped using a heat gun, then painted and dry brushed with silver to get the wear and tear look. 

Merry Christmas ya' filthy animals and a Happy New Year. (also, see the spider creeping up on my brothers sweater)

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