søndag 31. desember 2017

Bye Bye 2017

Woah, another year over and this was yet another busy one #notshocking. Because I have taken part in the monthly 100NOK/10USD/10EUR challenge I have ended up with a long list of cosplay achievements this year, but I have not had the chance to take photos of all of them yet, so I'll post an update on that later. 
Grid of most of the costumes I made this year. 

Snow white
The first of the Budget cosplays and the one I put the most effort into. I really want to make more (budget) princesses next year. 
Photo by cosplay.studio

The second budget cosplay. I was actually planning on making Bombshells Black Canary, but never got around to finish it completely. 
Photo Håvard Staub Nyhus

Every year on my birthday I watch Intestella 5555 (Daft Punk music video) and this year I took the time to do a quick Stella Closet Cosplay. And due to time limits and such this also ended up being my Budget cosplay for March. 

Lady Comstock
A result of being invited to a Victorian style after noon tea and up-cycling older costumes. 

Mass Effect Andromeda NPC
I am a huge Mass Effect fan and was super hyped for Andromeda. Initially I was planning to make Cora, but her wig got the best of me. So I ended up with an NPC instead. Quite comfy, nick named the MEA PJ's ;)
Photo by cospaly.studio

Piper Wright

I got my butt in gear to make Piper because we were going to an amazing car cemetery for a photoshoot. 
Photo by cospaly.studio

And my main project this year, Sombra <3 So much fun to make, and so incredible difficult. But I love the result and this is my new favorite cosplay.
Photo by cospaly.studio

Jessica Jones
Another Budget cosplay and a closet cosplay even :) Just missing a bottle of the strong stuff.

Photo Håvard Staub Nyhus

Diablo 3 Wizard 

The second more elaborate cosplay of the year. Even though I started building this in 2016. First on my list of 2018 is to get a proper photoshoot. 

Vianne rocher
Anothe budget cosplay, but this time I spend the entire budget on chocolates <3 

This closet cosplay happened because I needed that gun for a stage performance. 
Photo by cospaly.studio

The monthly budget cosplay Challenge.
When I finish up Padme I will post a separate entry about this journey :D

A cosplay year is not complete without a bunch of Halloween costumes :)
Witch Mercy



Fortune teller

And to round off the year I give you Harry from Home Alone

Other achievements 

  • Me and my sister was featured  in a episode on Insider FEM. The episode was about cosplay and was actually filmed back in 2015. 
  • Both me and my sister competed in the NCC
  • I held a workshop in working with worbla for the costumes makers at the Oslo Opera. It is so cool that they look to unconventional areas to learn new skills.
  • I joined the Superhero gang at the Children's ward again this year, with the highlight being the Halloween party.  
  • And lastly I qualified to represent Norway for EuroCosplay 2018
The Hospital Superhero gang

Happy New Years

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