søndag 30. desember 2018

Max from Life is Strange

Here in Oslo I have free access to a vinyl cutter through the public library, you can even buy vinyl directly from them very cheap. So what can you use it for? The Heat transfer vinyl is adheres to fabric via heat, so perfect to make t-shirts, totes and just detail you fabric. 

Personally I have mostly used it to make several t-shirts for cosplay, like Max from Life is Strange and Brigitte and Sombra from Overwatch. Now I'm working on Symmetra's Peacock skin, which needs some golden details on the front, a perfect excuse to test out more vinyl. 

So how does it work?
You need a design, I prefer to make them in Illustrator or InDesign. Then you flip the design (or else it will be mirrored when it is applied). Load a piece of vinyl into the cutter (make sure the correct size is facing upward) and simply choose print in InDesign. 

The design is cut with a small blade. Then you peel away everything you don't want to apply to your fabric, place the design and add heat (a normal iron will suffice). 

And can we just appreciate the amazing photos by Rojano Photo

Other heat transfer vinyl projects:

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