søndag 13. oktober 2013

Lady Smith Splicer cosplay

A few days before Metrocon I suddenly decided that I wanted to enter the costume competition because I find that conventions are much more fun when you are a part of all that’s going on. And it is fun to be on stage. 

Photo: bioshock.wiki.com

So with a little over two days I needed to make a new costume. Since I already had made the Splicer Bunny Mask earlier and I was going to hold a panel about Zombie sfx makeup, the Splicer became the natural choice.

My finished costume
Photo by: Tom Vidar Johannessen

The process - or what I managed to document this time
Sorry for the lack of photos this time, everything went really fast.
I needed the suit, and made a pattern tracing an existing blazer jacket.

My pattern


The Spine
I am especially satisfied with my spine, which is made out of a piece of cardboard with left over foam pieces and with a nylon pantyhose glued to it. And as always, highlight and shade your details, here I have only used watered out acrylic paint.

Photo by: Tom Vidar Johannessen

Splice up
But a real splicer is disfigured, how to make the boils and growths.

I took different sized bowls and slushed latex in them. That it really. Reinforce it with tissue paper and color it with foundation first, and stipple red paint to add effect. Draw on some veins if you like. If you spray it with fixing spray it also gets nasty shiny.

They are attached using latex and issue. I was counting on the pantyhose covering my bad edges this time, but apparently not. Next time, darker stockings. 

The face
For the face I only used a piece of latex folded and put it over my nose. The edges are horrible, but it did the trick for a fast cosplay. And smudge out that deep red lip stick and draw on some huge eye brows and you are nearly there.

But in the end I liked the gruesome effect of this cosplay hasty, I even won the Horror category.
Photo by: Tom Vidar Johannessen

And since I came to the finals in the cosplay comepetition I had to make a small stage performance. So here it is, after 20 minutes of panic planning.

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