onsdag 9. oktober 2013

Two Asari walks into a bar...

...and takes ALL the attention. 

So the other day Karin Olava Pettersen and I decided to go out drinking in Oslo wearing Asari makeup - Trouble shooting Space Divas. More on how to make the head piece here.

The idea for this stunt came to life when we both bought leggings from blackmilkclothing.com from the Mass Effect collection. I must say I love these leggings. 
"By the goddess"

This was very fun, I have never gotten so much random attention in a bar ever. People were literally standing in a line to talk to us. We got compliments and admiration, and people were fascinated by our nerdom and that we were brave enough to actually go out like this. We also a few awkward and direct comments. But most people were very nice though and were interested in the story of why we looked like this. 

One guy even said he felt proud on our behalf for what we did. 
Don't f*** with Chrix

But the random guy in the street in Oslo have no idea what an Asari is. 90% thought we were "Avatar", as in The Na'vi from the movie. Secondly they thought I was Mystique from x-men. Other guesses were Diva Plavalaguna, from Babylon 5, Farscape and Sonic the hedgehog.

Karin posing

Me in a random pose

But all is not lost, we met a couple who knew their ME lore, and to the rest we made sure to tell them about this amazing universe. 

The photos from this night are not so good, since we only had our mobile camera at disposal, but still, real life party asari. I am so going to do something like this again. 
Asari <3

6 kommentarer:

  1. Had so much fun that night (should have been more blue/purple though). Still, I think we should do this again sometime!

  2. Respect from here! Well done ladies. You make the ME-community and fans proud!

    1. Thank you ^^ Did you have a Garrus costume?

  3. Its so cool that you did go out on the town as asaris :D

    1. I will definitely do it again, so much fun.