tirsdag 26. september 2017

Sombra Gun

The gun is my favorite part of this cosplay, and quite fun to build (except all the sanding... so much sanding)

To build the base sculpt I made several layers of mdf plywood, laser cut from vector files. A great puzzle.

And the unscrambling begins. 

Smoothing out the creases and suck with filler. 

First layers of primer, soon ready for silicone molding. 

And several more layers of primer. 

The dividing walls for the silicone. 

Brush on silicone. 

And a plaster jacket mold. 

My first resin cast <3

The electronics
I want lights and a small smoke machine. I used the tutorial from Valkyrie Studios.

Led strip being soldered. 

With a small trinket I could charge the battery with a usb cable. 

All the guts of the gun laid out. I also added polymorph to the magazine to even out the weight distribution. 

All put together and primed. 

Base coat

Base colors

I made vector designs in Illustrator and used a vinyl cutter to make the details on the sides. 

I also used an air brush and dry brushing to create details. 

The metal band is made from thin brass sheet.

And done
Photo by Polly Cosplay Photography

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