fredag 8. september 2017

Sombra Wig

My Sombra cosplay is complete and I'm pretty pleased with it. What people ask me most about is how I made the wig. 

I'm dividing the construction of the wig into three parts
- the styling of the long side cut
- the short side cut
- the pink head tech

The long side cut
I started with a black to white ombre wig from wig is fashion. This already had a lace front, so less ventilation for me.

Coloring, I used pink and purple ink diluted with alcohol in a spray bottle to get the gradient color. 

After the wig was cut in half I divided the side I was not going to use into wefts that I sewed into the other side to create more volume. 

I also sewed in a hair bump, Sombra has amazing hair height 

Last step was to prepare the long side cut to be glued onto the baldcap. The inside was stippled with latex, to create a surface for the glue to adhere to. 

The head tech
To make the pink head tech I first made vector graphics and laser cut these shapes in acrylic. 

This followed by making a plaster cast

Which again was filled with dyed silicone. I tried many many different mixes and solutions. I also tried liquid latex, but the dried consistency was horrible. 

In the end it was T-20 translucent silicon with the same pink ink I used to dye the wig that did the trick. But man, color mixing is very hard. 

The baldcap
I borrowed a red head and stippled my own backbap using glatzan. That means I could melt down the edges when I applied the wig.

First test, very thin. Should make it thicker and include makeup so I don't need to paint everything when has is dried. 

With my final bald cap I tried out some placements using scrap head tech (these are the ones made from latex)

Then I added small hairs using a flocking gun. This gave the wig a fuzzy surface. The silicone head tech was also applied. 

The putting it together
Since I wasn't going to use one half of my wig and it was already a lacefront I saved said lace and cut it into smaller strips

These where then glued onto the rough edge of the wig to make a smoother hairline (really proud of this idea). The wig and strips og ventilated lace ws glued on using pros aide glue. 

Look at these edges becoming so nice.

Wow, styling wigs is very hard, But I learned so much. First tease the hair a lot and set with hair spray. 

Then I divided the hair into sections and started curling it. Heat and cooling is the trick. And a ton of hairspray. 

Curler taken out, still need to cut it and style it a little more, here are a few view photos of the stage so far. 

And styling is done. 

Very last minute I ended up adding a few LED strips under the baldcap to make it glow ;)


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  1. Thank you a lot for your tutorial! Very interesting and resulat - exciting.. I have question. How are you take off wig and put on in next time? How is latex work in next carring?

    1. I take it off very carefully with adhesive remover. As the bald cap is vinyl and I etch away some of the edge each time I put it on, I will eventually have to make either a new vinyl edge, or a new bald cap. So far it has survived 4 applications and might last a fifth :)