onsdag 30. desember 2015

Red from Transistor - The Stockings and shoes

You might think stockings can be bought, well yes, but they can also be tailored to your feet, which I really wanted to do. Red has Thigh high "grey ish" stockings which I will attempt to sew. 

I was lucky and  found this amazing pattern online, by the Dreamstress, which would be perfect. She has also written a more detailed tutorial for how to sew it, so check it out. 

My fabric with two way stretch. 

The foot assembled

Formfitting the stockings to each foot. 

So far so good. 

I even got two of them

Darts matching up.

Then I was thinking, thigh high stockings like these often slouch after just a few minutes. Therefor I sewed them to a pair of dance thighs. I have seen several people use this method to make stay ups actually stay up, here's a tutorial by geekxgirls ;)

Oh lala

The shoes
The shoes are merely altered, though I let the heel stay on. In game she breaks the heel off as she rips her dress - Gotta love this practical heroine ;)
The same yellow satin fabric used for the dress was wet molded (stretched) over the tip of the shoes to create the yellow tip. I was afraid paint would chip off and this way I made sure the color matched perfectly.  

The edges are rolled hemmed on a sewing machine before being glued on. 

Last I added the yellow edge to the top of the boot, still same satin fabric. 

In action

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