onsdag 30. desember 2015

Red from Transistor - Sum up of all the parts

Since I was spending so much time and effort on each of the parts for this costume I ended up with quite a bunch of somewhat long tutorials. This is an overview of my finished cosplay and links to all the parts that created it (for easier navigation). Maybe it can help you solve a similar problem. 

The most iconic part of the transistor cosplay is of course the Transistor. My main problem was I had to make mine dividable in three parts to be able to bring it on a plane. 

Beside the sword this jacket is the part I'm most proud of. I have never sewed anything like this before and the details turned out beautiful.

The dress was actually really hard to make. How on earth can you control fabric to act like this.

I love sewing corsets, I have tried to include even more details of how I sewed this one, like how to hide the lacing. 

These were actually easy enough to sew <3

This was a totally new technique and I loved learning it. But polishing metal takes a lot of time. 

Wig and Makeup
Styling wigs is even harder than sewing. Every hair want to go different ways. 

Stage props
I needed something for the stage and this is what I got. I managed to forget half of the prop at home, so I had to build it from random stuff I found :p

My Show
And last my show, or more the inspiration for my show. As the organizers have not published the video from the contest yet, here's a medley from the trailers that I used as inspiration with my friend Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz voicing the Transistor (I could not get hold of clean enough sound files and he has an amazing voice)

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  1. I really love your work behind Red. Do you know if someone has published the video from the contest? I would like to see what you put together has a show :)

    1. Only a low quality video out, There seems to be some sort of deley from the organizers to get out the high Q vid :) But here's a link to the entire show, my parts starts at 1h 55 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui-u6BPUkpg&feature=youtu.be&t=1h54m35s

    2. You are beautiful! I hope to make a Transistor good at least half of yours :)