søndag 6. desember 2015

The Shishkebab from Fallout 4

A friend of mine sent me the concept art for this sword with a note "I want". And I kinda got that tingling in my brain that said I have to build this. Sure it won't be a working sword as the guys over at MAKE: made. But I could still make a decent sword as a surprise gift for my friend :)

I love making post apocalyptic props, you get that grimy and thrown together look. So here are some random photos from my build with a few words describing the build s best I can. 

You could start with a real or toy Katana to make the build easier. I didn't know where to get one that didn't cost an arm and a leg, so I made one.

For the handle I turned to my trusty cardboard.

Then I wrapped the cardboard tube in vinyl wrap with wood texture (left overs from the PS4 mod)

As I have access to a laser cutter I made the blade from MDF, which would also make it much easier to attach the other "flame tubes" to the blade, as I could easily drill a hole in this material. 

With a mix of plastic tubes, plumbing tubes and worbla I made these bits that goes on the blade. 

Which are connected to a cobber pipe

The fuel tank is a soda bottle with added worbla details. (Mineral water had the best bottle shapes, I never drink that stuff, very bland imo)

Adding a little more worbla

A little overview of the parts as the are made

With bolts and nuts I attached the flame nozzles to the blade :)

Some of the less rigid tubes are made by covering foam tubes with worbla. 

Same goes for the other tubes and bits. Worbla parts are also attached to them self the "normal" way (which means that worbla sticks to it self when heated up).

Even more parts are being added. If you are wondering how my cardboard handle is attached to the mdf blade I can tell you that I used several screws through all parts which in the end was covered in worbla (to hide screws and to make it sturdier)

There's also a small tank of some sorts in the middle of the sword, this is made from a kinder egg.

Which was covered in worbla. 

The gear handle was also laser cut for the occasion. 

More tubes and bits ;)

More parts, more details - mohahahaha

Priming everything with wood glue. 

Adding some color

And some grit

And lastly a few more screws and details

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  1. Holy crud, you use so many creative budget solutions that I would never even have thought about! Using that wood-patterned vinyl wrap for simulating wood is genius!
    This is a really fascinating creation that shows that you can get an amazing finished product from even simple materials that are easy to find! Go you! *thumbs up*

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