fredag 20. februar 2015

PS4 modification The Order 1886

Karin Olava and I just had the opportunity to modify a PS4 for Nordisk Film in regards of the release of the new game The Order 1886, steampunk style.

With the permission from Nordisk Film, here is a short tutorial for how we went about with the modification. 

We wanted a clean design, no useless gears and cogs, and of course still have the machine work. Our starting point, two brand new machines, one white and one black. 

First we hunted for materials, using materials and textures from the game to inspire us. 

Our starting point

Old metal trays with gorgeous ornamented pattern would serve well as the base for out pressure gauge panels. 

And a fast way to change the texture is patterned vinyl foil, here in wood and marble. These can be bought at Panduro

Remember to clean the surface well before applying the vinyl. 

Looks really nice so far (and looks very heavy).

A panel of pressure gauges will take up much of the right hand side. 

Using scissors for metal we cut out the shape we wanted from the metal trays.

The disks for the pressure gauges were just printed, the needles are clock hands. 

Our panels need a borders, which is here made from leftover worbla scraps. Same goes for the glass which will cover the pressure gauges. We used a dremel and cut the shapes out of Plexiglas and added a worbla border which later were painted rustic gold. 

For the left hand side we used real leather (the texture gets so much better when you use real leather, metal and glass). To make sure the leather was glued on properly we took.. brace yourself... 60 grit sandpaper and scratched up the shiny new surface... Felt so wrong. Every detail is glued on using two part epoxy glue. 

To elevate the machine we added feet, made from a simple wooden frame. 

To indicate where the on/off and eject button is, we used these key chain labels, painted them gold and glued them on. 

This is how they ended up .

Even the corner fittings are made from real metal.

Making subtle hints that the mod is associated with the Order 1886. 

After all that work we could not let the controllers go untouched, but keeping the modifications here minimal. Leather coat for the handles and ornamented buttons for the joysticks. 

Everything is glued on, but it looks so clean. 

Bring on the drybrush weathering. 

All done :)

These two will be prizes in a "The Order 1886" cosplay competition. 

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  1. Woah damn, that's some crazy work! :O

  2. I really like your use of the key chain labels. And the easy made feet from frames. So straight forward easy thinking.