tirsdag 31. oktober 2017

Cosplay on a budget October: Monsters

The theme for the 100NOK/10EUR/10USD challenge for October was Monsters! I have so many monsters I wanna make. But some of these I might have to save for later. 

But I made a creepy clown as my monster (and as my Halloween costume)

In addition I pimped up my old Spider Queen, by using parts from other cosplay I didn't have to spend anything on making a new concept. 
Photo by reflective.photography and cosplay.studio

But for future monsters I really want to make a version of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But a little more vintage pinup style on the dress and hair. This is also a perfect budget project as I can use a lot of scrap fabric. I don't think my costume will be like this illustration, but it gives you an idea of where I'm going. 
Art by Veebsy

Also Hannah Alexander revealed her complete design of Sally yesterday, so I might find some inspiration within her design too.  
Art by Hannah Alexander

And maybe make the full costume for Emily from Corpse Bride. But I don't think I can make this under 100 NOK.

mandag 30. oktober 2017

Updated Spider Queen

Last Halloween I made a Spider Queen inspired costume, but I was not really happy with the completed look. Therefor I did a redesign for the Halloween event at the hospital. 

Photo by cosplay.studio and reflective.photography

I wanted a more regal look and ended up reusing my Morrigan cosplay for some of the parts. And I had tons of spider web left overs from decoration my apartment. 

To get more spider details I used this table runner as decorations down the front. 

The finished result
Photo by cosplay.studio and reflective.photography

Photo by cosplay.studio and reflective.photography

Here is also a recap of how I made the Face application:
I wanted eight eyes for my costume, that meant a little sculpting. I already had a face cast of myself (gift from my sister) and I used Monster Clay to sculpt the overall shape and details and resin eyes for the eyes.

Then I cased the sculpt in plaster. After it was cleaned out I poured gelatin into it. 

Gelatin mix is one part gelatin powder, 1 part glycerin and 1 part 50/50 honey and warm water. 

My raw cast

Then came painting. I base painted it with PAX (50/50 pros aide and acrylic paint) This way I can continue using acrylic paint for detailing with out it chipping off. 

Video tutorial for the makeup 

And while taking the makeup off I realized it looked kinda cool without the wig, like a spider alien almost

The crown is made from left over worbla pieces. The web is hot glue. The crown is attached to my head with the help of a plastic headband.

This is Halloween

I love fall and Halloween, all the colors and creepy creative. And every year I make a few looks inspired by this season. Here you can see some of my earlier tutorials, eg how to make a zombie makeup.

For this season I give you fist a cute look with the witch Mercy (closet cosplay)

And another closet cosplay Emily from Corpse Bride

I also visited the children's ward again as a Spider Queen (updated version)
Photo by cosplay.studio and reflective.photography

And here's the full group of cosplayers, with Nordic garrison in strong numbers. 

And while in the middle of taking off the makeup I realized this could be a great look with a bald cap too - Spider Alien. 

I also hosted my own Halloween party this year (I never get the time to do so) And created this clown inspired look. 

All of NCC team Norway 2017 represent, me, Superhero Girl Creations and Bettcanard. 

And as a tradition I made a new purse for my costume, to match my freak show spirit of the night. 

And decorated my house for a Halloween party

Lastly there was a Halloween part at the office at work and my darling sister Bettcanard casted a third eye for me and I created this Fortune teller look.

Welcome to my home this dreadful night (Halloween decorations)

This year I finally had the time to decorate my apartment for Halloween. Here is what I did. The hallway got some laser cut bats (just laser cut out of black carton) and a spider web adorned lantern. 

And more bats when you come in :)

 These poison bottles are just glass bottles from the trash that is painted matte black (with gesso actually) And I glued on a printed label found on pinterest. 

Also a package of spider web from the joke shop lasts for ever! And I bought two in case one was not enough. I ended up having spider webs every where, including all over the spider queen dress. 

 More trash bottles used as decorations. 

The branches in the vase got small bats all over it and my glass cloche ended up housing a small spider cave diorama. This was made by scavenging dead branches, gluing those together adding the web (I had enough I promise) some fake spiders and an artificial candle.  

But the decoration that bothered the most people was the fact that this picture was left askew on purpose. 

søndag 29. oktober 2017

Crystal Art review

Worbla has released another product known as Crystal Art. It resembles Polymorph as it comes in pellets and can be heated and molded into shape. And the huge selling point is that it is clear, where as polymorph is opaque. 

I have made a small comparison between the two, to see the benefits and application of each. I also added in a third test using hot glue - maybe the cheapest version could work the best?

 From the left: glue gun, polymorph and crystal art

In the back, from the left: Crystal Art, Glue gun. In the front: polymorph

melting point: 62 degrees Celsius
Which means it can easily be heated in a cup of hot water. I prefer this way to work with the pellets as they get very sticky and the water prevents it to stick to my fingers. 

Crystal Art
Melting point: 100-110 degrees Celsius
This is higher than boiling water and therefor you have to use a heat gun. Since this material also gets sticky I still added some water in a cup and used the heat gun directly on it. Another drawback for me is that is gets very hot to handle with your hands right after (but it stays mold-able for a while, so you can let it cool off a little or use cold water on your fingers while molding).

Extra test - Glue Gun
I wanted to see how crystal art stood up to just using hot glue. Conclusion is that hot glue does not take details as a well and gets more cloudy/opaque than the crystal art. 

The test
Under I have added the two different plastics into a silicon mold.

Both plastics takes the details very well and the crystal art does stay transparent - great for making gems. Only be careful so you don't discolor it with dust etc while molding. 


Crystal Art  

Glue gun

Light test
How well does the plastics work with LED lights. 

Crystal Art  

Glue gun

What surprised me is that while polymorph gets completely rigid, Crystal art stays somewhat soft after "curing"/cooldown. So you will not end up with rock hard diamonds with this material. 


Crystal Art 

Glue gun

All plastics also have the benefit that you can reheat it to reshape it. 

This is a great to making gems and more health friendly alternative to making gems than using resin. But it is a little more difficult to work with than polymorph, so I need to practice a bit more. 

NB: The Crystal Art was sponsored by Nerdeportalen for me to test it out and make a review. All opinions are my own. 

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