torsdag 15. februar 2018

Sombra Makeup - the ears

There are several videos showing hot to put on smokey eyes and purple lips, but not that many showing how to create stretched ear lobes. 
I made these collages of reference photos for the work in progress book I showed the judges. 

To make fake ear lobes it really helped to get a cast of your own ears. This was my Christmas present a year ago, casted by my very talented sister. 

As for the earplugs I scuplted them in clay, molded in silicon and casted in resin. And I will use them as guides for my ear sculpting

The love scuplt was made with hard chavant clay and Monter clay for the dividing walls. 

I ended up with a three part mold, which was very complex. Later I have learned another technique which makes it a little easier. (more on that when the tutorials on Princess Nuala are done).

All parts of my molds. I fill them with gelatin

The raw casts, needs to be cleaned up. To get rid of seam lined you can heat up the back of a spoon and smooth out the seam. This gently melts the gelatin

Test with the plugs. 

I am hoping to make a full video tutorial on how to attach the wig and pun on the makeup and ears, but that will have to be next time I'm wearing it (as it takes so long to do it just for a test)

Full makeup
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tirsdag 13. februar 2018

Cosplay Hacks: Wig stand

I have styled several wigs, but only on a Styrofoam head. So you can just imagine how a new world opened up for me when I finally made one. The problem with the Styrofoam head was that it never stayed in place, with a stand the head stays in place 

Of course I could buy one, but nah. I made one instead, from a small piece of MDF and a broom shaft. (any piece of wood can work for the base :)

Also great for displaying helmets. 

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