mandag 12. november 2012

GameX 2012 and Bioware

I was a lucky winner of Bioware's facebook competition and was invited to meet them at Gamex. And I love their approach to their fans. While others might give out some free stuff at thier booth, Bioware invited their fans to a medieval inspired feast where they brought in Senior Writer David Gaider and Creativ Director Mike Laidlaw via Skype for questioning. And they even got Mark Meer, MaleShep voice actor, on Skype for a geeky chat. 

Lion Martinez (the man organizing this gathering) wearing a new armor at the feast. 

And Gamex was awesome in general, mostly because I walked around in cosplay accompanied by a fantastic femShep by Karin Olava Pettersen. My favourite moment was me as Tali dancing with Shepard at the Wii booth. 

Shepard dance
Don't worry, Chris Priestly filmed it all

Awkward elevator ride

And I got to be on stage with Holly Conrad, Bioware's official FemShep. And she is amazing, giving us a lot of tips on making costumes and just chatting about techniques and sculpting. 

On stage with Karin Olava Pettersen and Holly Conrad

One of the best parts was that I felt that everyone from Bioware was genuinely interested in me and wanted to hear my opinions and give me feedback. They greeted us in hallways and reminded us to see their panels (as winners we get to enter before the rest, securing god seats) 

I love being VIP

And we also got free stuff of course, my favorite being the signed Mass Effect art book and the limited Dragon Age necklace.

Thank you Bioware!

fredag 9. november 2012

Eleanor Lamb - Bioshock 2 Cosplay

Since I already have the helmet and most of the suit I figured that I could make another Bioshock 2 cosplay in the form of Eleanor Lamb.


And my result
Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

Photo and editing: Henrik Møller

Photo and editing: Annah Lång

The upgrader from Big Sister is the body suit, which is simply a white long tshirt and thights sewn together with a zipper added to the front. other details are sewn or painted on using a reference picture. The helmet is also improved. Better padding and bolts on the lower part and new green leds. The red ones are still there in case I want to go for Big Sister again. See this post for how I made these parts:

  • The helmet
  • Lower part of the helmet
  • Corset and shorts
  • Other part: boots, leg armor, tank
  • Adam Syringe

  • And yes, It is now possible to take off the helmet without taking off the lower part - so I can get some air sometimes.  

    torsdag 8. november 2012

    How I pack my costumes for a flight

    I was asked how I pack my costumes when I need to bring them on an airplane. Under you can se my suitcase from my trip to Gamex. You might recall from earlier posts that I brought my Tali and Liara cosplays. The advantage with these costumes is that they are made mostly of textile parts which are fairly easy to pack. 

    Some tips:

    • If you have a hard cover suitcase then your possessions are more protected, let's it the people handling your luggage isn't wearing silk gloves. 
    • Fill hollow props, like my Tali shoes. Inside I have stored the arm gauntlets for Tali and Liara, thus protecting them and supporting the shoes. 
    • Use plastic boxes, the Asari head piece color off on clothes and shouldn't be squashed. The same goes for my Tali helmet and the M5 Phalanx gun; they would crack or get destroyed in impact. 
    • The asari head piece and the helmet still smell of chemicals due to last minute touch ups before flight, the boxes keep that smell away from the rest of the suitcase content. 
    • Disassemble, I was able to take off the visor of the Tali helmet, making it easier to store. Try to plan out possibilities to disassemble when designing your prop. See BettcanardDesign, she made the chainsaw from Lollipop Chainsaw and was able to take of the blade. 

    tirsdag 6. november 2012

    Bioware signed my Tali helmet

    I made a new Tali helmet for my meeting with Bioware at Gamex and I got Holly Conrad, Jessica Merizan and "Evil" Chris Priestly to sign it. Awesome. I will post more about my adventure with Bioware later. 

    My Tali helmet signed

    torsdag 18. oktober 2012

    Chrix is meeting Bioware

    So I won a competition and get to meet Bioware at Gamex in Stockholm this november. And that means fixing up my Tali and Liara cosplay. 

    Liara T'Soni cosplay from Mass Effect 3
    Asari cosplay
    Photo: Jack B. Bauer

    When wearing Liara I found some parts that did not work together as well as I hoped. I will make new gauntlets, new and stiffer armor for the front/stomach and I have an idea to make the latex seams on my head smooth out. And I can always improve my makeup. 

    Tali'Zorah vas Normandy cosplay from Mass Effect 2
    Quarian cosplay
    Photo: H. Nyhus

    And I want to fix my Tali costume, and this time document the process. I will build a whole new helmet and re-sew the hood, which are the two parts that define Tali (in mt opinion) for the rest of the costume I will mostly tidy up seams and paint. 

    Okey, now to start on those late night costume making sessions... again. 

    mandag 15. oktober 2012

    Liara Cosplay

    Hi, I won third place at Desucon: Cosplay - pretty nice! And I won best makeup. 

    Here are som pictures of me and Øyvind Krogsrud as Commander Shepard taken by the amazing photographer Dan Michael Løvdahl

    Bioware Mass Effect 3 Liara T'Soni Cosplay
    Commander Shepard
    Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

    Liara Shepard romance
    Photo and editing: Dan Michael Løvdahl/Danarki

    I will post more progress pictures soon. And now I know what to do different regarding how I attach the latex hood to my head, the "fixing it after a con" process is starting. 

    fredag 5. oktober 2012

    Liara Cosplay - Latex pull

    Previous post show how to make the mold

    My first pull of the latex head piece was better than I thought (my expectations were low) I used "formgummi" from Panduro.  I used ca 0,5 liter for the first pull, and will use a little more for touch ups and making it seamless when attached to my head. 

    To fill up the space in the tentacles I willed them with cotton and painted a coat of latex over. This will help keep them in shape. For areas the need reinforcement I embedded paper towels in the liquid latex (which added thickness e.g. the neck) 

    Liara head piece

    Latex will stick to itself, to avoid this brush baby powder (or potato flour) on the surface. 

    As you peel of the pull brush more powder on the outside
    Liara latex

    First pull, no adjustments. It looks as though my Liara have been in a lot of battles, I will have to do touch up with latex and brush. And I want to try to get the scale pattern more prominent. 

    Liara head piece

    Close up you can see a hint of scaling.

    It needed a lot of touch ups and painting. Use grease based (since acrylic will peel off) 

    This is what a couple of years of cosplay preactice does. This one is painted using PAX, which is acrylic paint mixed with pros aide glue (50/50). It will not peel off and you can easily mix the color you need. 

    When the base coat of PAX is on I thinnes out acrylic paint with alcohol and shaded and detailed the head piece. Hoping to make a video of this later. 

    Here is the tutorial for how to put it on and paint your face.

    Next post will show the finished costume.

    tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

    Liara Cosplay - head mold update

    This post continues from this post: Liara making the mold

    Ok, it was not as easy to pull of the cast as I had hoped. A lot cracked in the process which meant hours of repair. But I don't give up. My idea was to pull it off i four pieces which I would then glue together. But the clay was really stuck. (hint, don't let the clay dry out)

    Back of the neck

    As you can see I ended up with alot of cracks in the two pieces at the back which are here glued together. But hope is not lost, this is a job for my favorite filler. 

    Voila - or almost. All the sanding eliminated the fine scale details I added to my clay sculpt. 

    The mold

    My four pieces glued together, sanded and with a sealing coat of clear paint. The next step will be to "slush cast" liquid latex, which means I pour latex into the mold and "slush" it around until it cover all surfaces and is thick enough to pull out of the cast. 

    This was how the first mold was repaired. The second mold did not need as much repair and I got more of the scale derails out :)

    Next I will show you the result of the latex cast. 

    mandag 10. september 2012

    Liara cosplay - making the mold

    My head is finished, As described in my previous post about sculpting and it is time to prep the sculpt to make the mold. My plan is to make an inverse mold in plaster, which I will cast my latex head piece in later. Your clay should still be wet and soft at this point. 

    Head looking nice

    Then I made a dividing wall  out of clay. The first time I made the cast I divided it into four parts. The is not nessesary, so the next time I made it in two parts. 

    Also note, this wall is way too low. You shouls have a wall at least 3 cm thick, because you want to make a thick plaster wall. 

    I "prepped" the surface with spray on cooking grease, so the clay will let go of the plaster.

    1/4 done

    To get the mold wall to separate when done I applied (pink) vaseline on the edges of the plaster and added a wall of paper.

    Adding dividing wall for two more quadrants.

    Here are a few photos of my second try. 

    When the plaster is dry, take it off and clean out the clay. This isn't always so easy, so in the next tutorial I will show you how I repaired my first mold after it cracked. 

    In my next post I will cover how to finish and repair the mold.

    mandag 6. august 2012

    Liara cosplay - Sculpting

    You might have guessed that I really like Mass Effect considering that I have already made a Tali costume. But Liara presents new challanges, how to sculpt, how make a mold and how to cast latex. I got much help from the comic on
    Photo: Bioware

    And will gladly share what I learn with you, for I have never worked with any of these methodes before. 

    Reference photo
    You should get hand on as many photos as possible, both for painting and sculpting. A good place to start is looking at the Liara Status in the Bioware Store

    I have a tiny head, giving me the advantage of just using a polysterene head as a base, as to cast a mold of my own head. Then I started to slowly cover the head with clay. You should use oil based clay here, since you do not want the clay to dry out. 

    So far I mostly used my hands, but for finer details you should use tools. You don have to buy expansive sculpting tools, I have used spoons and other kitchen appliances. But tools do make it easier. Also for the scale pattern I used the netting from fruit and pressed into the clay.
    More details. 

    Asari headpiece

    And remebmer, don't let your clay dry out. I have worked with both oil clay and air drying clay. It was way cheaper to use the air drying kind, so I used that. If you need to take a break, spray it with water and wrap it in plastic film. 

    Sculpting is tedious work, you have to be patient and don't give up. I think I used about 15 hours on my first sculpt. And I have redone it, second time took 7-8 hours I think. 

    This is my second sculpt. 

    NOTE: You should not let you clay dry out. This will make it much harder to get out of your plaster mold. Next step - making the plaster mold