mandag 25. juni 2012

Skyrim Cosplay - Helmet second round

Earlier I made a simple Skyrim helmet. Afterwards I have seen that there are several flaws I would like to fix, so I did. And made the rest of the female Dovahkiin costume at the same time. 

This time I started with this (see my previous blog post about making a Skyrim helmet):
Photo: Christina Bårdsen

But it should look more like this:

First things first, the horns looks too much like croissants.That must be fixed. And I need more details all over, which means strip down the paint and on with more filler.

 Strip down paint

Adding filler

More details around the edges, made from pizzabox cardboard.

Ready for priming, added axe mark in front. 

Primed, now silver paint


Add black acrylic paint and drag it out, see Volpin's video 

Helmet back
Backside of Skyrim Helmet. I hade received questions about what the helmet looks like from behind. If you have the game you can find a helmet and rotate it. 

Base coat on the horns

One horn ready - I used darker brown and faded it out from each ridge. Add some blood and I'm done

Finished helmet - Female Dovahkiin cosplay
Skyrim Cosplay

So now I am more satisfied with my helmet. Next up: Axe!

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