fredag 19. juni 2015

Closet Cosplay Challange - Furiosa

I accepted a closet cosplay challange on Instagram, where the first comment indicated who you will cosplay. I got Furiosa and here's my closet cosplay with makeshift mecha-arm.

The arm is basically a soda bottle that I hotglued some wires and plastic tubes to. Then painted silver and weathered. Then I gaffa glued on a spanner to it. 

More instagram here:
I want to closet cosplay more grin emoticon This was fun, less pressure, more creativity. Also still need more Mad Max cosplay ;)

torsdag 18. juni 2015

Red for EuroCosplay

In October 2014 I won first place at Desucon:Cosplay and Japan with my Demon Hunter and from that I qualified to enter EuroCospaly 2015. After thinking about which costume I would make or bring to this event I have finally decided. I shall make Red from Transistor

I absolutely love this game and have wanted to cosplay Red for a very long time. One thing that hindered me was that I would need a laser cutter to create the sword, well, now I have that and we are set to go. I shall write more about my new workshop space later :)

Red might seem as a simple costume, but I don't think it is when you look at it closely. For this competition they will look very closely at every detail and there is where my focus will be. I will address every pixel and bring all the advanced techniques I can think of. I will take my time and produce quality. And I am looking forward to this so much. 

Also the competition puts great emphasis on stage performance and with Red I think I really can bring the stage to life. Here is a video of the performance from the 2014 winner, Kairi. Her performance and detailed costume looks amazing. 

Then again, I always have a backup plan. I am allowed to use an exciting costume if I want, so bringing the Demon Hunter is my redundant plan. But I love Transistor as a game more and making Red will mean so much for me. So I hope you'll cheer for me :)

onsdag 3. juni 2015

Fallout 3 Pip boy 3000

In the honor of the new Fallout 4 trailer, here is the tutorial for how I made my Pipboy. Later I also built a Laser Rifle.

I have long wanted to make a pip boy 3000 and suddenly I had an extra smartphone at hand that could be used for this purpose. Also, very fast test makeup of my costume ;)

This is a fast build and some details could have been crafted a little cleaner, but I still love it.

Cardcoard is the way to go
As always I start off with a piece of cardboard as a base. 

Where I gradually add strips of foam to create the basic shape, 2mm and 4 mm foam. 

Roll it together

To make it more sturdy I covered it with worbla. You can skip this, but it also makes it easier to attach more details later. (If you don't want to use worbla then cover the entire thing in wood glue to get a less porous surface. 

Next up I made a case for the phone.

To get some of the transition shapes I used clay which was later covered with worbla. 

With a marker I add the layout of additional details.

A few more details added with worbla and red LED. 

As you might see, some of the details are not quite straight, so I used a sharp knife and trimmed the edges. 

Also added several screws to bring out a more manufactured look. 

Woodglue and gesso is used to even out the surface and prime it for paint. 

Silver spray paint

Basic weathering
I used watered out acryllic paint to smear the prop in with. Wipe off the most and the paint will lay naturally in all the cracks. I did not have a photo of this, but here is a photo of me weathering the Easter egg shaped like a pipboy

You have a "clean surface"

You smear it with acrylic pain and wipe it off 

No weathering vs all weathering. 

In action

In the end it looked like this, better photos will come ;)