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Fallout Vault Dweller cosplay

When you can design your own character in game, you get plenty of opportunities to reuse your cosplay with different looks. 

I have already posted a few photos of my bad ass wastelander with shaved head ;)

Photo by

Photo by
Photo by
Photo: Conwant Cosplay and Art
Photo: Katrix Media Site, edit by Jellycide Photo: Rojano Photo Photo: Conwant Cosplay and Art
Photo: Conwant Cosplay and Art
Photo: Katrix Media Site
Photo: Rojano Photo. Here I'm lucky enough to pose together with Kamui Cosplay
Photo: Ookami Cosplay Photography
Even added a small tutorial on how to create the shaved hairstyle

The Retro pinup
But I have also made another style, which was more true to my very first c

StarCraft 2 Adjutant quotes

Here's a short video of me as the Terran Adjutant trying out a few of her quotes

That's all for now, more awesome projects coming up soon. 

Fallout makeup - shaved head

One of the great things with Fallout is the character creation :D 

And this is the hairdo I gave my in-game character, shaved sides with a little hair left at the temples. 

After I posted a photo of the process on facebook it has gotten a lot of response, so I thought I would explain a little more in detail how to make this look. I don't have that many of my own photos, but will supplement with other online tutorials. 

Baldcap to the rescue
To create this look with a completely shaved side you need a baldcap. I bought mine from Kryolan. It comes in two sizes, and depending on your head size and amount of hair you need to hide choose the one for you. 
Image from 
Prepping the baldcap
You should trim the baldcap to fit your face before applying the hair, this way it is all ready to be glued on when you are done. And be advised, it is a little difficult to put on a baldcap alone, if you can get a helper do so :) has a small tutorial how to trim and apply a ba…

1 Million pageviews

I think it is kinda cool to think about that people have looked up this page over a million times and I hope they found help with their projects through my tutorials. 

So a little extra smiley right now, and plenty more tutorials will be written :)

Bonus Egg

Ok, I love making Easter Eggs. And this is the time of year to make them. So here are a few more walk throughs of a few more eggs. 

Sugar skull
With paper clay I skulpted a skull face. 

Everything was painted white. The dent in the back is there so the egg can stand up by it's 

Then with a think brush I added red, black and gold sugar skull markings. Small flowers are glued on to the "base", to make it stand up more steadily. 

And my sister had an egg for me as well.