Viser innlegg fra juli, 2015

Steampunk Sea Mage (or something like that)

My sister, Bettcanard Design, made this incredible octopus for her Steampunk Veterinarian and animal trainer outfit. And since I already had an Octppus staff, she inspired me to put together a Steampunk Sea Mage, a little random cosplay. I wanted to match her cosplay, but as I went for more blue and red where as she went all brown and awesome, we didn't really match in the end. But I loved both of our outfits. She even won first place in the Style Competition at Banzaicon. 
Photo by Rojano Photo
But back to my costume. As with many of my own designs, I like to reuse cosplay parts I already have laying around. So I had the staff from my Sea Goddess design. 

The corset I made for an ongoing Lady Sif project which I also used for my Qunari cosplay.

The pouf skirt I actually made in 2012 for my very first steampunk outfit, I think it gives me a really cool silhouette. The blue dress I had bought in Denmark for this one time i was going to a Michelin restaurant ;)

The wig is actually my sis…

War Boy from Mad Max - Slit Cosplay

This is the most fun I have had in a cosplay for ages, so much running around in character. Proves that a cool cosplay doesn't take ages to build or an extreme budget to complete. We were a group cosplaying different war boys from Mad Mad Fury Road including one of the wives - Capable.
Photo by Kennet Pedersen Videotography. Nux: Karin Olava Effects, "Fox": Bettcanard Design and Slit: Chrix Design
So how did I do it. 
I wanted to go all male on this, including chest binder and stuffing my boxer shorts. I made a plain, dirty shirt and used my Fallout pants. 

Immortan Joe emblem
I went for worbla and chains (although my friend Stickweeds crafting and cosplay is currently working on making me one in metal).

No secret that the makeup is the essential part of this costume. I put on a bald cap, added sculpt gel to my cheeks and mouth (all though I forgot to seal it so it fell off a bit during the day). I also cast tumors out of latex and glued to my neck and ears as the war bo…

Vorpal Blade - Alice Madness Returns

This is a guest entry from Stickweeds crafting and cosplay. He is a blacksmith as well as a cosplayer and as a commission I asked him to forge me a Vorpal Blade. And it turned out beautiful. 

Even though this is not a "do this at home" prop, I still wanted to share with you the awesome process of turning a piece of a car into a knife. Here is the story told by the smith himself.

How to Vorpal blade
First thing I did when I made the Vorpal blade, was of course, getting a template. That was the easy part.

Then I had to go find the right material. As some might think, steel ain't just steel, the carbon level has to be right. Of course one could just buy steel made for knifes ready to be cut and formed. I didn't like that idea, so I went to an old farm where we found a ancient Range Rover. We ripped the suspension from the wreck with a force untold to human kind! It was brutal, but yet very elegant.

Now, the reason I choose this kind of steel, is that spr…