Viser innlegg fra juni, 2014

I had an amazing time at DreamHack

I often have amazing time at cons and love to look back at all the stuff that happened when I get back to my normal life. So here are a few thought from DreamHack Summer 2014.

I got to hold a cosplay panel for Riot Games, that was amazing. I also wrote a sum up of the topics I talked about here.

I also had a lovely interview with Deumovochka Cosplay from the Russian League of Legends cosplay group, so nice and I have to check out what's happening in Russia cosplay wise. I almost only cosplay in Scandinavia, I must broaden my horizon.
Me and Deumovochka Cosplay
And the cosplay competition was a chapter on it's own. They had great prizes and awesome judges, both Yaya Han and Kamui. 

You can watch the entire cosplay show and prize ceremony here, I even won a prize, gosh ^^

More about the winners on the DreamHack webpage. Look at this incredible gang, so proud to be a part of this group. 

And I took like 1000 selfies with all kind of amazing people, these are the ones I took. 
Top left Ya…

Cosplay Panel writeup

During DreamHack Summer 2014 I was asked by Riot Games to hold a panel about cosplay construction, and I was very honored to do so. 

And here is a sum up of my key points from the presentation which is also a great introduction to cosplay making in itself. So if you are neew to cosplay, this can be helpful.  

The panel was not be a step by step showcase, but more a overall introduction to some methods and techniques I have used in general. You can find all the step by step tutorials here on my blog though, e.g. for the Vi cosplay
Because I learned so much from my Vi costume I used it as my main example. 
Planning I could hold a panel about planning alone; to get a costume done in time for an event you need to know what to do and how much time you got. There is nothing more frustrating and stressful than sitting at your hotel room the night before a con or competition and finishing your costume. 

Plan out which parts must be finished at which time, so that paint can dry and adjustments can b…

Blue Vi from League of Legends

Someone made a fan art of Vi with blue hair, and I then just had to make my own Vi with blue hair and blue and brown details. So much fun,  I love cosplay.