Viser innlegg fra juli, 2014

Bee Queen Cosplay

I love making original designs, it is a way to take all those small ideas you want to try out and put them together to a costume. 

This is how I made the crown for my "Bee Queen" costume. 

The crown is made out of cardboard covered in worbla. This makes it sturdy without having to use too much of that expensive worbla. 

6 "arms" were glues down to a ring. As mentioned in earlier worbla tutorials this material glues to itself very well. Heat it up with a heatgun. 

Then I added smaller strips of worbla along the edges to give it dimensions. The "crystal" ball was found at TGR in Oslo. 

I also found these brads at Panduro (Oslo) and bought bee earring studs on ebay. To attach them to the crown I used a dremel to make small holes. 

The crown was primes with gesso and wood glue to make a smoother surface. 

Painted with a brush using a rustic metallic gold paint (two layers). 

Brads were added. To secure them I used contact glue. 

When the brads were in place I weathere…