onsdag 25. juli 2012

Skyrim Cosplay - Boots and gauntlets in progress

Here's a very short walkthrough of the making of Skyrim boots and gauntlets for my Dovahkiin cosplay
Other parts

Gauntlets - Iron Gauntlets

cosplay dovahkiin gauntlets

I didn't take that many pictures of this process. Basically cut out the shape in cardboard, curve it by making it wet and laying it on a curves surface. For the boot covers I taped the wet cardboard to a soda bottle. When Dried add strips of cardboard around the edges and a couple of furniture nails as detail.  

Cover your molds in filler. It is easier to make sword slashes in wet filler than to sand them out, so be creative in this stage and slash about. When dried, sanded and painted silver it is time for weathering. (more about weathering)
cosplay dovahkiin

Before and after
cosplay dovahkiin

Attach to fur boot covers and arm guards. 

cosplay dovahkiin
Photo: H. Nyhus

cosplay dovahkiin
Photo: H. Nyhus

tirsdag 3. juli 2012

Skyrim Cosplay - Iron Armor in progress

Armor (chest) - Iron Armor 
For my Dovahkiin cosplay
Other parts here: 

I have seen others make this armor out of wonderflex and thermoplastics. Due to limits concerning time, budget and availability I went for a known approach - paper mache. See post about Big Sister helmet for more info about paper mache.

My mold this time was my tailor bust which I covered in plastic.

Wrapping my Bust in plastic and putting on layer upon layer of paper mache

The dried up piece with trimmed edges. To stiffen the paper mold you could paint on a layer of epoxy and glass fiber on the back. A simpler, but not as effective method is to cover the inside with duct tape, as I did. 

Front and back ready for details and filler. First coat the molds with filler and sand. Then glue on cardboard details. Than cover everything with filler again. 

Back piece primed and sanded. 

Along the lower edges I have attached a new layer of cardboard, covering it in filler to smooth out the edges. 

Weathering, schmearing out black paint. Elevated areas (details) are just layers of cardboard glued to the original cast and covered with filler.

The front and back pieces are attached together using skai strips and velcro. The shoulder guard is made from paper mache over a balloon with cardboard details, too bad I don't have pictures of this process.

Skyrim loot. 

cosplay dovahkiin
Photo: Kake Yamamura/Kakeboksen

Next up - Iron Gauntlets