Viser innlegg fra februar, 2015

PS4 modification The Order 1886

Karin Olava and I just had the opportunity to modify a PS4 for Nordisk Film in regards of the release of the new game The Order 1886, steampunk style.

With the permission from Nordisk Film, here is a short tutorial for how we went about with the modification. 

We wanted a clean design, no useless gears and cogs, and of course still have the machine work. Our starting point, two brand new machines, one white and one black. 

First we hunted for materials, using materials and textures from the game to inspire us. 
Photo: officialplaystationmagazine
Our starting point

Old metal trays with gorgeous ornamented pattern would serve well as the base for out pressure gauge panels. 

And a fast way to change the texture is patterned vinyl foil, here in wood and marble. These can be bought at Panduro

Remember to clean the surface well before applying the vinyl. 

Looks really nice so far (and looks very heavy).

A panel of pressure gauges will take up much of the right hand side. 

Using scissors for metal we…

Happy Birthday - Portal style

I love portal, I work as a tester and even have a second portal gun to decorate my office space. And for my birthday this year I made myself a postal style cake.

There are several tutorials, videos and photos of other people making this cake. But I don't care, the cake was for me and it is my birthday. 

Me being a bit lazy (and have a million other things to do) I cheated and used a cake mix. You can actually find the real recipe in the game :) 

Mix up and bake

I make two cake to go on top of each other to give it that great hight

Frosting I actually made myself, butter, dark chocolate (melted), powedered sugar and a couple of spoons of coffee. I used a cheese slicer to make the chocolate flakes that goes on top. 
Mix it up = very unhealthy frosting. 

Frosting in the middle

Double decker

And frosting on top

Chocolate flakes and again since I'm lazy just butter cream for the white dots. But seriously it was not easy getting chocolate on the sides of the cake, very messy.

For some reason I…