Viser innlegg fra oktober, 2018

Fortune teller costume, great Halloween inspiration

Some people are an endless source of inspiration and my sister, Bettcanard Design is definitely on the top of my when it comes to creativity. A few weeks back she created this amazing Fortune Teller look, complete with a third eye and a jar of extra eyes. She even won first place in the style contest at Banzaicon with this incredible look. 

And since Halloween is soon upon us, I thought this might serve as a excellent source of inspiration for you guys when planning your costumes this year. Head over to her webpage, for more incredible sfx makeup. And yes, shes does take commissions and she sells makeup prosthetic. 
This lovely photo is taken by Rojano Photo

Halloween inspiration - Vampire

I love Halloween so much, there is something about the aesthetic of, you can either be cute and go for fall colors, more Gothic or all out gore. This year I'm all about bats and vampires. And I want to share with you some of my inspiration. 

Bats, bats and more bats
I love bats, I even had one as a pet for a brief period as a kid. And a while ago I found this skirt on pinterest, but it has been sold out on etsy for ages. 

But what I did find was this lamp lace on ebay which I intend to add to the hem of a skirt. I will keep you informed on how this works out. 

Red velvet
Which vampire look should I go for, you have sexy, Gothic sexy, Classic, Twilight ... the list goes on. And I completely fell in love with the simple style of Christine McConnell

I also find tons of inspiration in her baking book, Deceptive deserts

Retro vibes
But my current outfit style is very 1950s inspired including the victory rolls, so that will be my angle for this vampire in addition to the red velvet dress.