fredag 24. januar 2014

Steampunk Geisha

For about a year ago I posted a concept for a steampunk Geisha which I wore at Närcon 2012. In my eager to make new costumes I forgot to post the result here on the blogosphere. Well, I love how it turned out and we had an amazing photo shoot at a technical museum in Sweden.

My inspiration

My concept

And my result

I kinda love it. 

fredag 10. januar 2014

Cosplay ideas for 2014

I have so many projects I want to try, but nothing is settled yet and I definitely don't have everything planned out. But I am going to have some fun and learn new techniques.  

And suddenly my sister, the gorgeous BettcanardDesign returned from her adventures in Australia and we will team up for several projects. 

Catherine-320 (KAT) from Halo Reach.

In the way of trying new techniques this is a big one. I have wanted to make a female Spartan for ages, but never found the courage to work with the Mjolnir armor. But after seeing the wonderful work in progress photos of Lil Tyrant's Kat, my eager is blossoming. 
Photo composed by reniko-seika on Deviantart

And I had to watch Halo Reach Deliver Hope countless times lately just to really get into the mood, it is so good. 

Adjutant from StarCraft 2
She looks so awesome and this would be a very interesting costume with armor, prosthetic, lights, makeup and sound effects. I want to be good in StarCraft, I just don't have the time :/ But I would definitely play Zerg. 

Watchmen group
I love bad ass characters, and at some point I have to make a gender bender Comedian. With my sister as the second Silk Spectre and Daniel Lange as a very impressive Dr. Manhattan I think we can show off a nice group. 

"Sugar daddy and little sisters"
Or mainly pin up little sisters, just to make something for fun. I really want to make a little sister from Bioshock, but I wouldn't portray an adolescent girl very well. I look to "womanly" you could say. As I saw the Little Sisters pin up tee I decided that "what the hell", I can make a sexy costume if I want, and this is a version I can pull off. 

And with that I get to make another ADAM syringe, so it is worth it. 

Jean Grey from x-men
I have loved the x-men since I was a kid, and Jean Grey was always my favorite. It would be cool to make the version from X-Men (2nd series) # 1, the yellow outfit. 

Corvo from Dishonored
Oh, and I have to finish my Corvo mask... and the rest of that cosplay. Problem is that I don't know if I'm going to make the original version for my boyfriend, or a gender bender version for me.

Officer VI
And after getting a compliment from Paul Kwon, the artist who designed Vi, I got even more inspired to make another  - Officer Vi ;)
Photo: by Paul Kwon

Now the question is, will I manage to go through with any of these? 

onsdag 8. januar 2014

Morrigan Dragon Age Inquisition

Finally I got the photoshoot done, we found a fort in Oslo (Akershus festning) And a really nice whiskey bar (The Dubliner). Photoshoot was done together with Karin Olava Effect. And check out Chrix Design on facebook for more cosplay randomness.

Documentation of the making of the costume you can find here. And everything was made in two weeks, that's a personal record.

And if you want to know how Karin Olava made her armor, check out her tumblr
Hanging out at a Tavern

"Are you coming Morrigan?" - "But the magic is so pretty!"

Secret pocket for cold hands

Open that door already!

Searching dungeons

Morrigan approves of Dragon Age Inquisition. Happy face :)
And even though her shoes doesn't show I finished the look with my Bunad shoes

mandag 6. januar 2014

Bloody masquerade

I apparently can't stop making stuff if I see an awesome idea. And the other day when I was browsing pinterest I found this interesting makup concept. This must be tried, and for you I documented the process. 
 Make up by Sandra Holmbom

And I was going to Kultcon and needed something to wear on the first day ;)

So the entire outfit with makeup was put together in just a couple of hours. 

You need a mask, and I didn't bother to make one to I bought a pre-made from Panduro.

After trimming it to my liking, I added a layer of glue to the front and several layers of tape and glue on the backside to get that "uneven flesh look". 

The inside was painted with red and dark brown acryllic paint, with a layer of glue over to get a more shiny effect efter it dried. 

For the front I used the same foundation I was going to use on my skin and sealed it with fixing spray. 

Then I added a few details as staple stitched along the rim. And a rod covered in a satin ribbon with feathers and a few single earrings I had laying around.  

A little fake blood was added in the end to make it look "freshly torn off". 

The mask
Build up with latex and tissue.

Then color the latex with dark brown and red acrylic paint. 

When it has dried you peel it off and use the mask as a template to cut it into shape. I wanted it to completely follow the shape of the mask. 

On the day of application use either liquid latex of skin glue to attach it to you face. Use Liquid latex to seal the edges. 

Touch up the paint and add fake blood with a stipple sponge around the edges. And droplets of blood down your face. 

I also applied a smoky eye beauty makeup with false lashes. And white contacts for max effect.