Viser innlegg fra februar, 2016

Lady Sif Cosplay

I love strong female characters and being Norwegian I have always loved the Norse Mythology sagas. Even though Marvel's Thor is very different from the stories I grew up with, it is still a cool universe. So I want to make Lady Sif based on the design from the movie Thor the dark world with a hint a the comic book style, and a few details of my own. 

I used this project to try out new ways of working with worbla, including black worbla and laser cutting worbla. ;)

Chest piece
The base build is very much like how I made my Vi chest piece. Then I added several detail in layers to create more details. This was my first encounter with black worbla, read more about that here. I must say I prefer the "normal" kind better, I feel it glued itself to itself better ;)

Testing out how to make details with black worbla by hand. 

Black and normal worbla mixes well. 

Mostly because I had to wait for the weather to get warm enough for spray painting outside, I tested the limits of the laser …