fredag 3. februar 2017

Big Sister Bioshock Photoshoot

I had a seriously cool photoshoot the other day with Ookami Cosplay Photography, JL Cosplay.Studio and Reflective.Photography. All three worked their magic with lights, smoke machines and helping keeping me warm (because January in Norway is really cold).

But the pictures turned out totally epic <3

onsdag 1. februar 2017

Cosplay on a budget January Challenge

I found this challenge on facebook and wanted to try it out.

Not sure if I will make all 12 cosplays, but I at least want to start with January, which is make a Disney character. Since my budget is 100 NOK, I know I can't buy a new wig. I really want to make Belle, but that won't be possible this time. 

In the end I settled on Snow White, mostly because I love her make up and I really want to make those sleeves. And I have several black wigs. 

I also have a bunch of leftover material that could work for the bodice and sleeves, only think I need to buy is yellow fabric for her skirt. This is still a challenge, because fabric in Norway is expensive and I need enough for a full skirt. 

For the bodice I modified a pattern I already had which involved a lot of darts. 

Back when I made my Elizabeth (Bioshock) cosplay I bough twice as much fabric as needed. So that will be my base. 

Step one for the bodice is done. 

Here I found a lot of scrap material to work with. Yeay, left overs.

I found a tutorial for these kind of sleeves on Pinterest. It was a little more difficult than I thought, but ended up looking alright. 

Merging sleeves with bodice

Test. I also added plastic boning to the bodice to make it keep it's shape a little better. 

Since I have both time and some extra bling laying around I wanted to upgrade the bodice. First a golden trim.

And I have bought this trim to use for applique for another project, but I won't need it all.  

I even used a embroidery foot to attach the appliques :)

And lastly I added a few rhinestones (from my Red dress)

In the original design Snow White has a high stand collar, but I didn't have any material for such a collar at hand (and no more budget). So I ended up with two smaller pieces over each shoulder. Base is foam which is covered in lace. 

More rhinestones!

I cheated a bit, 100 NOK would with me two meters, but I bought an extra meter just in case. Challenge or not, I still want to make a costume I am proud of and I wanted a fuller skirt ;)

Three wedges are sewn together. 

For the hem I used a twin needle.

Wig and Makeup
The wig kinda decided which costume I could make in this challenge, because you won't get a new wig for 100 NOK. And since I had a nice black wig from Arda. For the makeup I follow the makeup tutorial from Emma Pickles.

And lastly here are the photos from my first photoshoot

onsdag 18. januar 2017

My New Logo

I have finally created a logo for Chrix Design. Why do I need a logo, because I really wanted one. Just think of all the fun branding stuff I can do now - I'm so gonna make a was seal set!

The first variant is for cosplay and my new webpage. The other two are for simpler branding like the wax seal, stamps and to use with non cosplay related design. 

I will play around a bit with colors still, I don't want to limit myself quite yet. 

Now brace yourself, now coscard are coming <3

torsdag 5. januar 2017

Cosplay plans for 2017

A new year means getting my butt in gear and finish some old costumes and plan a bunch of new ones. I do the planning all year round anyways though. 

Blonde girls with blue dresses
For some reason I have fallen for three different characters with blonde hair and blur dresses, don't know if I will make them all, but I want to. 

Alice from the 2010 movie

Cinderella in her casual dress from the 2015 movie

Dolores from Westworld

Other characters I have been planning are:
Sombra from Overwatch

Wizard from Diablo 3 (this one is half finished already)

Alice from Madness return with the Silk Maiden dress, because I love all the designs. 

And the cosplay on a budget challenges. I will write more about that when the January project is on it's way. ;)

And a couple of secret projects that I don't want to reveal just yet.